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For centuries people have embroidered and embellished fabric as an art form in the creation of dolls, jewelry and scarves. Fabrics provide a natural versatile canvas on which one can make a modern statement. Combined with interesting textile applications, my products are classic with a touch of whimsy. I am having fun taking into account the raw materials that are in stock; conceptualizing new products; then experimenting with fabrics, beads, leather, silk, ribbon, cords, and hemp.

LLCDesigns prides itself in excellently crafting unique, consciously made products from: cotton, batik, suede, leather, silk, wool and hemp.

To the jewelry, I may add silver findings, gems, semi-precious stones and/or wood. Because we serve  those with sensitivity to metal; no base metal touches the skin.  Our clasps are made from beads and silk.
No item is produced identically. 

All dolls are made from natural, sustainable and consciously attained materials.  They contain absolutely no plastic. The dolls are totally adorable, soft and cuddly. The body is made from cotton, inside contains premium, high loft fill. The hair is made with cotton or acrylic yarn the body of the doll and the hair can be hand-washed. The faces are sewn with silk, embroidery thread.

Most importantly, the dolls permit hours of pretend play.

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LLCDesigns prides itself in excellently crafting unique, consciously made products that are eco-friendly, exquisite; yet affordable.  Our textile jewelry, scarves, and dolls are uniquely made for you.

Beautiful, Unique and Relevant!