About Lorna


I want you to know that I absolutely love working with fabrics. I grew up in a house where furniture was not purchased, it was handcrafted. My father would carefully select fine fabrics to upholster the chairs he made.

Until we were in our late teens, our clothes did not come from stores; my mother would purchase a large bolt of fabric to make dresses for the girls; shirts and ties for the boys. Another bolt of fabric would make pants and skirts; whatever was left went into making bedding, table cloths, mats, and curtains. No one scrap was wasted. The remnants of upholstery fabrics were used to make decorative cushions and sometimes small throw rugs. So now, you can appreciate why, as a teenager, I did not always want to wear my handcrafted clothing. In an attempt at fairness, my sisters and I always looked like triplets. And, when I stood in the living room it was hard to distinguish the difference between me, the settee and the curtains. I will always remember the soft hand of fabric; the fresh smell of it everywhere; and, the “chit, chit, chit…” musical sounds of various sewing machine: Day and night during week-ends. It is no wonder why creating and sewing is in my DNA, it is the fabric of who I am.

At the time, what I found unbelievable was that my both my parents derived much joy and comfort in handcrafting items for family and home. Those days I did not fully appreciate the time, commitment, and extensive energy that went into crafting clothes to wear and household items.

At the age of ten I received a Singer sewing machine as a birthday and Christmas gift . . .Yes! Christmas babies tend to get one gift. I quickly learnt to sew and soon began making dolls and the clothing for the dolls; I gifted the dolls to my younger sister.
After complaining to my mother about fabric and the style of my clothing, my mother informed me that if I could do better than what she could provide than I was capable of making my own clothing. I began making my own clothing from the age of thirteen up to the current time. My mother provided money for the fabric and thread; as she was not familiar with patterns and had no idea why they needed. Instead she trained me to look at an article of clothing from magazines and how to replicate the clothing just from eyeballing them. So, when I first started sewing, without patterns, you can imagine what my clothing looked like.

A few years ago, a colleague re-introduced me to the doll-making craft. Another friend and colleague motivated me to make jewellery for fun and relaxation. Along with my friend and colleague, I thank Professor Google for being great teachers.
For decades sewing has been one of my favourite hobbies; finally after a very long time away from working with fabrics, I am now craving out the time indulge in this craft. In September 2019 I retired as an educator after 37 years. Now, look at what I choose to do and from what I am deriving joy and pleasure.
After making gifts made from fabrics, for friends and family and receiving much compliments, I decided to turn my hobby into a business. In order to understand how much support one has; try starting a business! My husband and son provide endless support. The involvement and backing that I have from friends and family is inspiring. I cannot emphasize, more, the importance of attaining sincere mentorship and leadership that goes beyond gate-keeping and transactional relationships. An important source of encouragement comes from the www.bbpa.org and WWW.BRANDEQ.COM

Do know that every single item purchased from this site was lovingly and carefully handcrafted. Each item was inspired and designed by my own creative processes.